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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tamer of Horses Available NOW in Print!

I know it feels like we're all Tamer of Horses all the Time right now -- such is the nature of the beast! We're just FIVE days from the big release day, October 3rd annnnnd...

I have GREAT news for you today -- TAMER OF HORSES is available *now* in print from Amazon! This also means that if you're an early reviewer, you can now cross-post your review from goodreads to Amazon, as well! (Which is maybe more exciting for me than for you, but without reviews, especially these days, an author is pretty sunk -- so I appreciate each and every one that comes my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who have reviewed or will review any of my books!) Kindle pre-orders, of course, are still being accepted, too *-- so don't be shy :)

But WAIT, there's more!
If you're not sure if this book is for you, the fabulous Kate Quinn, Author of Mistress of Rome, and part of the author power house team of the forthcoming Song of War, had this to say about TAMER OF HORSES:

"Edith Hamilton's Mythology meets Taming of the Shrew in Amalia Carosella's delightful TAMER OF HORSES. In an ancient Greece where monsters, men, and demi-gods live side by side, a tenuous peace is brokered through the wedding of a womanizing son of Zeus and a wary princess raised among centaurs. Banter between bride and groom quickly gives way to bloodshed, war, and the possibility of a poignant, hard-bought truce. A fascinating read!"
(You can't see it but I am FREAKING OUT that Kate Quinn blurbed my book -- this is definitely one of those omg what is my life moments for me.)

TAMER OF HORSES is still available for request on Netgalley, but it won't be there for much longer -- and of course there's still time to enter my Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of TAMER plus some fun, semi-thematically appropriate extras. (There might be butts.)

And speaking of butts -- it's almost that time again. My teams** are currently in the process of collecting a fresh crop of Mythic Butts from around the world*** for this year's #NAMEthatBUTT adventures. So brush up on your gods, heroes, and sculpture, my friends, because our annual extravaganza isn't dead yet!

Let's wrap up with a little Pirithous-style bluster--

*Amazon tells me Print and Kindle editions should be linked soon!
**Family Members who have taken pity on me and to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for humoring my "front, back, and plaque" photo requests.
***Okay, so mostly just Europe.

Tamer of Horses Helen of Sparta By Helen's Hand Daughter of a Thousand Years
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