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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Final Goodreads Giveaway for TAMER!

I've got one final goodreads giveaway for those of you eager to get your hands on TAMER OF HORSES, and this one IS open to some international territories -- check the goodreads giveaway page for more details and enter to win!

As part of this giveaway, I've also got a sweet Postcard of some awesome Mythological Art to throw in (I haven't decided if it's going to be the death of Nessus or Peleus's wedding feast, so hard to choose!), plus Helen of Sparta bookmarks, and of course, some stickers! If I'm shipping internationally, I figure I might as well include some extras for you all to enjoy! And yes, this copy WILL have the final cover art -- it's not a galley this time, and let me tell you, the final art is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. (Thank you, Lane Brown!!!)

If you're a book blogger or reviewer, you can still request an e-ARC (uncorrected proof) via Netgalley -- but you only have until the end of the monthish to do so, so get it while you can.

If you subscribe to The Amaliad, you got a sneak peek from Chapter 2 of TAMER on the 7th, but here's a little MICRO peek of the same scene here so you all can have a taste of what you're missing if you haven't subscribed yet -- BESIDES the Ariadne & the Beast short story, of course :)
Theseus snorted as he smeared a large wedge of bread with honey. “You take this marriage too lightly. She will not only be your wife, Pirithous, she will be queen.”

“As long as she sees to the weaving and the kitchens, she need not be bothered with the rest.” He shrugged, taking a handful of nuts and passing the dish along. “You have your Amazon, Theseus, and I am happy for you if you have found some kind of love in your bed, but not every man desires a wife who thinks herself equal to a man.”

“If the Lapiths were not already in the habit of obeying their queen, perhaps it would not matter what wild woman you married,” Theseus said. “Surely you must have considered this? Or if you did not, tell me at least Dia made some arrangement.”

“I think you worry overmuch, my friend.” He leaned back with his cup. The mint water had cleared his mind, despite his lack of sleep. “I have yet to meet a woman I could not tame, and the Lapiths know me as their king, besides. I am chosen by Zeus himself.”

Don't forget that BY HELEN'S HAND is just 1.99 this month -- and you can pre-order your kindle edition of TAMER OF HORSES right now, so that it appears like magic in your library on release day.

And that's a wrap for today!

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