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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daughter of a Thousand Years In the Wilds!

DAUGHTER OF A THOUSAND YEARS released yesterday! It's been a wild ride, start to finish, but I'm so happy to have the opportunity to share Emma and Freydis's stories, present and past, with the world!

Today is the obligatory earliest blogtour reviews round-up post, in the hopes that hearing the great things people are saying about DAUGHTER will persuade any of you who may be on the fence about clicking that pesky buy now button!

Author Libbie Hawker started us off with a phenomenal blurb for DAUGHTER:
Amalia Carosella’s newest novel is beautiful, honest, and relevant, speaking boldly of our right as Americans to worship as our hearts direct, at a time when we most need to hear that message. Daughter of a Thousand Years is a touching examination of honesty in faith and the personal nature of religious belief. It’s also great historical fiction, with the rich detail and excitement that are hallmarks of all Carosella’s books.
(P.S. Her books TIDEWATER and DAUGHTER OF SAND AND STONE are two of my favorites; absolutely beautiful hist fic novels!)

Michelle at Mountains on the Horizon says:
From experiencing public bias, to relationship struggles and families, Author Carosella has given this book a spirit that shines through her strong women characters. Without faith bashing on any fronts, she is able to show cultural and religious bias that still thrives in our everyday lives. 

From Stacie at Pursuing Stacie (Living Beyond the Title):
I have never, ever had a book hit me so hard. It has challenged my beliefs. It has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, to study the beliefs that my ancestors held to so fiercely. That people today, hold to so fiercely. 

Jenny Q at Let Them Read Books said:
Well written, as always from Ms. Carosella, and well worth a read for the historical details, and for the theological discussion, if you're in the mood for one.

From Margaret at Just One More Chapter:
Freydis was a woman ahead of her time, she didn't want to waiver from her beliefs and yield to society demands but to forge her own destiny even when they could end with dire consequences.

Stephanie from 100 Pages a Day offered:
Emma and FreydĂ­s are strong women that show immense courage, they are both true to themselves while trying to live up to their family's wishes. [...] Overall, a wonderful mix of historical fiction and contemporary fictions that compares women's struggles and religious persecution through time. 

And last but not least, from Erin at Oh, for the Hook of a Book:
If you like to be swept away in a good historical fiction read, and like memorable reads with strong female characters, this is a good book for you to dive into eyes first. Pick this up as one of your highlights of the first half of 2017.

*phew* That's a lot of reviews so far! And I am SO GRATEFUL for each and every one of them! Please visit the blogs of all these fantastic reviewers and check out the other works they've read and recommended -- because without bookbloggers, authors would be kind of up the creek without the paddle, as they say.

And you can follow along with DAUGHTER's blogtour as we forge ahead -- the complete schedule is found on many of the linked reviews above, and also at Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours; many thanks to the fabulous Amy, who set all this up for me. (And you!) In addition to reviews, we've got some interviews coming down the pipe, and I'm looking forward to sharing all of that with you all as the month marches on!

In the meantime, I hope you'll give DAUGHTER a shot, and if you enjoy it (or, you know, even if you don't), please do consider posting your review on Goodreads and/or Amazon!

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