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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

By Helen's Hand has Arrived!!!

Yesterday was the big day for BY HELEN'S HAND! The sequel to HELEN OF SPARTA, BHH completes my retelling of Helen's story, and I've been dying to be able to share it with you all! We'll begin blogtouring next week, thanks to Amy at the fantastic Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, but there are already some great reviews coming in on Goodreads.

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With divine beauty comes dangerous power.

Helen believed she could escape her destiny and save her people from utter destruction. After defying her family and betraying her intended husband, she found peace with her beloved Theseus, the king of Athens and son of Poseidon.

But peace did not last long. Cruelly separated from Theseus by the gods, and uncertain whether he will live or die, Helen is forced to return to Sparta. In order to avoid marriage to Menelaus, a powerful prince unhinged by desire, Helen assembles an array of suitors to compete for her hand. As the men circle like vultures, Helen dreams again of war—and of a strange prince, meant to steal her away. Every step she takes to protect herself and her people seems to bring destruction nearer. Without Theseus’s strength to support her, can Helen thwart the gods and stop her nightmare from coming to pass?

The Book Voucher: "I was captured from the very first page by Amalia Carosella’s marvelous voice."
(5 Stars!)

From The Moscato Mommy: "Carosella did a beautiful job of writing a fictional story with a classical feel to it that was elegant without being pretentious or too stuffy." (4 stars!)

Stephanie Thornton, Author of The Conqueror's Wife  and Daughter of the Gods weighed in, too: 
"By Helen's Hand is a fresh interpretation of the events leading up to the Trojan War." (5 Stars!)

If you've grabbed your copy of BHH and enjoyed Helen's story -- please consider leaving a review of your own on Amazon/Goodreads/Barnes and Noble, or wherever you like to talk books! 

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