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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

By the Numbers: an Unhistorical Blogpost

As a writer, you hope that you'll never have to do anything with all those math classes you took, outside of the incidental bill-paying and household annoyances. But really? The math, it never goes away. Whether you're trying to calculate the number of fleas in a 15th century, plague-ridden village or the number of copies you need to sell to make back your advance, math is still part of the writer-life. Sometimes, though, playing with the numbers can be a lot of fun, all the same. 

For example:

3 years and 9 months spent in the trenches of the Query Wars

            ~170 queries sent for 4 different manuscripts

                       62 queries for this particular manuscript, sent out over the course of 2 years.

                                  10 requests (partials and fulls combined)

And Finally:

1 Amazing Agent, found by some coincidence of cosmic good fortune!

The very best kind of Math, my friends.

The very, very best.


  1. Thank you for posting your numbers! I always find them so interesting. =)